Run Zombie Run: iPhone App Review

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I have to start by giving a shout out to Last Adventurer for this recommendation as he filled me in on this amazing app for running. If you read this blog then you know I have taken up training for the LA Marathon. This is the end of week one and I have completed 10 miles of running, two of which were with the Zombie app. I have to say though it is more fun to think about running after I found Run Zombie Run, and if a $3.99 app can do that then I am all about it. Here is a video to show you what its all about.

So basically the gist of it is is that you start the story when you start your run, there are  33 missions included. It has about 5 minutes of starting out what you are doing for this story then it fades into your music. Depending on if you pick an hour or a half hour it will come on after a song ends to update you on the story.

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When it comes on it will usually tell you about something you are running to do or about zombies being near the area, but the story is well acted and really fun to follow along with. The story seems to continue as well so it is more fun to see what happens next. I love that it plays music in between as well so that you can still zone out during the run. If you have zombie chases on then it will alert you when a zombie is close at random times and you need to run fast to get away from it, which is a fun addition to the game.

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When you end your run it shows you how many supplies you collected and how many zombies you outran. You can also use the supplies you collected to upgrade your base and stuff but I haven’t messed with that much yet.

Lastly it posts all the information online for you with these awesome run logs that show you a ton of statistics about your runs. You can also have it send the run to RunKeeper if you are using that to keep track of all your runs as well.

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All in all this is a great app and an easy recommendation for $3.99. I am actually excited to see what the story will be next time I run. If you have used it let me know your thoughts in the comments. Buy it here.

Running Tally

  • Days till marathon: 146
  • Miles ran: 10
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 Run Zombie Run: iPhone App Review

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  • Jeff Hester

    This looks like a very fun way to train. I’m going to have to check it out. Who knows? I might even run another marathon!

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    • Josh

      Always welcome to join me at the LA marathon!

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