AuthorsMy name is Zac and some of my interests include technology, the web, social media, religion, books, the outdoors and running. I like to focus on -ing, Living, Loving, Serving, Working, Reading, Writing, Hiking, Running; I am basically a fan of doing stuff. I am an avid hiker, runner, mountain biker, gear junkie and outdoor adventurer. I love Southern California, the beaches or the mountains, the summer or the winter. I work for the Gordian Project which runs eCommerce websites and and I am part of the OutdoorPros Adventure Team. I also collect knives and enjoy testing out new adventure gear of all sorts.


Josh picture 415 small Authors is an outdoor enthusiast most at home without a roof over his head. He loves photography and combines that with his love for the outdoors (he also has a photo blog on California and a world travel blog). He works for the Gordian Project which runs eCommerce websites and and is part of the OutdoorPros Adventure Team. His favorite hike is Angels Landing even though it almost scared him to death.





v Authors

Hi, I’m Vanessa and I am a nature and outdoor enthusiast! My bucket list includes ambitions such as swimming with sharks, backpacking Europe, and learning to fly a plane. My happy place is the mountains, but I appreciate landscapes and destinations of every variety. My motto is “Try everything once” and I strive to learn new skills and gain knowledge every day of my life. If there is adventure involved, I will be there!



mike AuthorsMy name is Mike and I love The Great Outdoors, the movie and the real thing. I am always willing to be outside and I love bringing my knives and Fasthawk with me, they are always fun to use in a safe manner. Most weekends I am either watching football, watching wrestling, hiking or at the river. It is always nice to be outdoors, whether in the mountains surrounded by trees, the brush of the desert or at an oasis of a lake or river just taking it all in.



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