LA Marathon Training: Month Four Completed

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If you are following along then you know this is the fourth completed month of training but only the third post. I am not sure what happened to my recap from month three but oh well we are past that now. Here are the links to my first and second recap as well as my support page if you want to donate to my campaign to raise money for clean water in Africa.

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This month I have really had to push myself. The miles climbed insanely fast and running has had to become a huge part of my life to keep up with the required training runs.I passed 200 miles in training! It has taken its toll and I cannot wait till I have been set free from the running schedule, I am happy that my wife is doing it with me though as it makes it easier to plan. I completed my longest run ever yesterday too, which was 17 miles, and that actually does give me more confidence to complete it. This weekend is 20 miles so we shall see how that goes.

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Biggest Success 

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Since I have been doing this for four months there has been a lot of time to find successes, here are mine.

  • Find an audiobook to listen to – Music gets super boring after 3 hours of running, listening to a story has kept me sane.
  • Invest in KT Tape and learn how to use it – This stuff is amazing and it helps me wrap my muscles to combat issues
  • Get inserts for your feet – I went to the local Lucky Feet and got inserts that have made a huge difference on my long runs.

Potential Problems

This month has been better as I have been able to address some of my feet issues with both the inserts and the KT Tape but there are still some potential problems.

  • Weight – I am a 245 pound dude and even though I am getting used to it, I need to cut weight in order to be successful in the marathon. I am trying to lose 10-15 pounds more before the marathon so we will see if that happens or not. It doesn’t help that I ate this meal after my 17 mile run

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  • Time commitment – The most important thing is to get your miles in and I have had work commitments and other stuff come up to stop me from that. In the final 26 days I just need to hustle and make sure I get my miles in.
  • Foot Pain – I am always nervous of the issues I have been dealing with for my feet and I know that taking care of them is going to be very important to me completing it.


  • 26 days till the marathon
  • 49 runs completed
  • 223.9 miles
  • 13 pounds lost
  • 2% body fat
  • 2 completed half marathons, 1 5K
  • Here is my list of favorite places in SoCal to run
  • $520 raised for charity. Donate Now
  • You can see all my marathon posts here

sandals 5k 2 640x480 LA Marathon Training: Month Four Completed

 LA Marathon Training: Month Four Completed

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