Campsite Reviews Map

All of the people on our team here spend a decent amount of time camping. Since we often have a hard time finding out if a specific campground is good we have started reviewing them ourselves. The map below will help you find all of the campsites we have reviewed and is updated anytime we check out a new one. Hopefully this will help you find a good campsite for your next adventure.


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Anacapa Camping 3 300x200 Campsite Reviews Map Anacapa Island Campground
This small campground off the coast of California is a great place for kayaking and diving.
$15 7 Sites
leo carrillo camping 3 150x150 Campsite Reviews Map Leo Carrillo State Park Campground
This campground is located next to the beautiful Leo Carrillo Beach.
$45 138 Sites
Curry Village Tents 150x150 Campsite Reviews Map Curry Village Campground
These canvas tent spots are a great place to relax and not have to bring your own tent in Yosemite.
Price varies but over $100 Little less then 400 sites
Whitney Portal Hikers Campground 150x150 Campsite Reviews Map Whitney Portal Campground
This campground is the starting point for the climb up Mt Whitney, the tallest mountain in the lower 48 states.
$10 Hikers Campground has about 8 sites
Death Valley Camping 1 150x150 Campsite Reviews Map Furnace Creek Campground
This campsite is the most central in the Death Valley area. It is a great spot to stay and explore the vast National Park.
$18 150 Sites
Horseshoe Meadows 2 150x150 Campsite Reviews Map Horseshoe Meadows Campground
This campground located at 10,000 feet is a great place to start many famous hikes, as well as a good location for acclimatizing for Mt Whitney.
$6 18 Sites
DSC 0677 150x150 Campsite Reviews Map Havasupai Campground
This campground is located between two of the most amazing waterfalls in the world, right in the heart of the Grand Canyon.
$17 per person, per night, plus an environmental fee and entrance fee Over 30
skinner 9 150x150 Campsite Reviews Map Lake Skinner Campground
This campground is a great place to fish and hangout right in the heart of Southern California.
$30 241 Sites
img 4785 150x150 Campsite Reviews Map San Clemente Campground
One of my favorite campgrounds in all of Southern California. It is a beautiful area for camping, surfing and relaxing at the beach.
$45 160 Sites