LA Marathon Training & Why I’m Running

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marathon logo LA Marathon Training & Why Im Running

So the LA Marathon is a 26.2 mile course through the heart of LA that you have to complete on foot, running… My wife, who is a runner, encouraged me to go outside my comfort zone and try to set a super lofty goal of running a marathon as an incentive to get in shape, and since I did the same to her when I asked her to hike Mt Whitney with me, I figured it was only right that I at least give it a go. In addition to that, we are doing it to raise money for an awesome organization called World Vision.

The gist of why we are doing it is that gathering water in third world countries can take up the good part of a child’s day, stopping them from being in school or doing anything else that will help them progress. This is also the main time when children are targeted for sex trafficking as they are having to do these long 5-10 mile walks multiple times a day and can be vulnerable. So if I can raise $50 dollars a mile, then for every mile I run I will be giving someone clean water for life, thus allowing them to escape this dangerous walk and spend the time in school or even learning a trade. If you want to find out more or support me you can do so here.

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Help bring water to children in need

So this is what this blog is, it is me saying I plan to run the LA Marathon in March and me starting the process of getting in shape, in the meager 5 months I have. Here is a video of my first training session

I am not looking to set any records, just to complete it, so come along with me as I train and surely fail multiple times, I will share the things that worked and the things that didn’t as I prepare for this goal. If you have any tips for me please leave them in the comments!

Running Tally

  • Miles ran – 2.5
  • Days till race – 150
 LA Marathon Training & Why Im Running

About Josh

My name is Josh and I am a fan of the outdoors. On the weekends you will find me hiking or trying to complete any of the numerous adventures I have on my list. I live in Southern California and love the deversity that allows me to have in my daily life. I am part of the OutdoorPros Adventure Team. I also love photography and you can find me blogging on my California Travel Blog or Our Unique World Photo Blog.


  • Last Adventurer

    I’m telling you, you got to get the Run Zombies Run App – very entertaining training for runners.

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    • Josh

      I was checking that out, seemed like an awesome way to do it! Buying it now. Good looking out!

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