Burney Falls in McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, Near Redding, California

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Josh and I have an affinity for water falls and I have definitely used the hashtag #WaterFallHunters before, so when Josh told me that he was planning a side trip while we were in Northern California over Memorial Day weekend I was pretty excited. I love Southern California but we don’t have the big waterfalls, 14ers and state parks that Northern California has so its always fun to take trips up to NorCal.

Our first stop on our side trip day was Burney Falls in McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park which was not only one of the coolest waterfalls I have seen but also very accessible. The waterfall is viewable literally just a few yards from the parking lot but we also opted for the mile long loop trail down and then around the falls, which was totally worth the trip. Whats really interesting about this waterfall is that the water comes from underground springs above and at the falls, which are 129 feet high and provides an almost constant flow, even during the dry summer months. So the water not only falls from the top but appears like its coming right out of the front of the face of the rock.

What was also nice about the loop trail is that it took you right down in front of and around the waterfall with great views of the falls itself and the surrounding areas and over two bridges. As you can also tell from one of the signs this stop is also right of the PCT in Northern California which is a pretty cool stop for those hiking the PCT or those looking to hike a section of the PCT. Overall this was a really impressive stop, well worth the trip and the loop hike, it was not terribly crowded and its rare to find such an impressive waterfall which is also very accessible. If you are anywhere near Mt. Shasta or Redding, CA you should definitely stop off and check out Burney Falls.

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