Kershaw 1004RD Carabiner Multi-Tool: Bargain Gear Review

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This is the second in our series of bargain gear reviews. Zac reviewed a great Outdoor Products Hydration Backpack and now I am checking out this Kershaw Multi-Tool Carabiner. The only stipulation for the bargain gear we review is that is has to be a quality product that is selling for a lot less then most products in its niche, thus qualifying it as a good bargain.

When I am reviewing gear that is non essential there are two important things I want it to be, light and useful. Obviously useful is self explanatory, but light is really important to me, if I will be carrying this in my backpack I want to make sure it is worth its weight. The Kerhsaw 1004RD Carabiner Multi-Tool is one of these pieces, it can be clipped to a backpack and forgot about but still provide many different tools if needed. The features that come on this tool are a knife with fine and serrated edges, a bottle opener, the carabiner itself and a regular and Flathead screwdriver. I often have this with me on hikes now as it is has great functionality for only a limited amount of extra weight. Check out the full review below.

Kershaw 1004RD Carabiner MultiTool 5 1024x682 Kershaw 1004RD Carabiner Multi Tool: Bargain Gear Review


• Blade Detail: ComboEdge
• Blade Length (inches): 3.25
• Blade Material: AUS8A
• Carry System: Locking Carabiner Clip
• Handle Material: Aluminum, Red
• Overall Length (inches): 7.38
• Special Features: Bottle Opener, Philips & Slot Screwdrivers
• Made In: China


Right off the bat I love the design of this product. It takes something that I always have with me, a carabiner, and bundles that with the functionality of a multi-tool, all for a price tag of under 15 dollars. The first thing that stuck out to me is that the knife itself locks into place, which is a must for me. I would probably not use it if this was not the case. The knife itself feels a little flimsy but has worked well in my tests, and having a nice sized knife easily accessible in this tool makes it a great addition. Also, I love that they included a bottle opener as it is great to have if you use this with your keychain.

Kershaw 1004RD Carabiner MultiTool 3 Kershaw 1004RD Carabiner Multi Tool: Bargain Gear Review

One of the things I don’t like about the product is the screwdrivers. They don’t extend out from the body enough to be that useful and since they do not lock it is pretty difficult to really use them effectively. I am sure that you can use them if you need to but the value is pretty limited. Also the carabiner clip itself is non-load baring, which isn’t a surprise, if you are climbing you would not care if the carabiner you are trusting your life to has a knife and screwdriver in it. I am glad they note this right on the tool though so no one gives it a try.

Kershaw 1004RD Carabiner MultiTool 6 1024x682 Kershaw 1004RD Carabiner Multi Tool: Bargain Gear Review

Kershaw Carabiner Multi-Tool Mini

Kershaw also makes a mini version of this tool that is about half the size of the main tool. This mini version is simply the carabiner and a small knife, it does not have the other tools that the bigger one has. I haven’t spent a lot of time using this but it seems like a decent tool that you can attach to your key ring or backpack in order to have a knife if you need it. In addition it is hard to argue with a product that feel sturdy and is a good price like this item is.

kershaw mini 1 1024x768 Kershaw 1004RD Carabiner Multi Tool: Bargain Gear Review

All in all though I am a fan of the Kershaw 1004RD Carabiner Tool. It is a great addition to my backpack as it provides some valuable tools that I can use if I forget my regular knife, with a weight that is so minimal it doesn’t add to my pack. The only bummer with this tool is that it is hard to find. We do not have any in stock right now at but when we do I will update this post with a link. Check out the rest of the pictures below and make sure to leave a comment.


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 Kershaw 1004RD Carabiner Multi Tool: Bargain Gear Review

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Kershaw 1004RD Carabiner Multi-Tool: Bargain Gear Review, 4.4 out of 10 based on 2 ratings


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