Stansport 203-100-10 Deluxe 2 Burner Stove Review

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During our hikes in Malibu we decided to test out a couple new grills to see whether they could become viable options for our next camping trip. Zac wrote about the portable butane stove and I am writing a review of the Stansport deluxe two burner stove that we used to cook a nice selection of sausages at our beautiful lunch location of Point Dume.

What immediately stands out on this grill is the great attention to detail that Stansport paid in creating a grill that looks slick but is also really effective. The grill itself has legs that can both elevate the grill over whatever it is standing on and also lock the top of the grill into place so that the parts do not open when you are moving it.

When you open the top of the grill it has two metal walls that stand up and lock the top into place. This helps to get rid of wind that would easily put your flame out if it was blowing really well and creates and nice little wall to keep insects out of your food. The grill also has a pan rack that locks into place over the burners to give you extra space between the flame and the pot or pan.

Connection to a propane canister was simple with the included attachment and the matchless igniter worked great in our tests, even with a little wind. The two burners on this grill are 12,000 BTU, 3.25 inch burners and they had no problem cooking 8 sausages at a time. The stainless steel near the burners also work as a drip pan and grease can be cleaned off of it with relative ease.

One thing I didn’t like about this grill is that the top does not have any way to hold itself up without the wall. We made the mistake of bringing a cast iron griddle that was just a little bit longer than the grill and someone actually had to hold up the grill top while it was cooking to keep the wind out. While not the grills fault that we bought to long of a griddle, it would be nice to have some way for the top to stay up without the walls as well.

Grilling brings people together

For a sub 75 dollar two burner grill, this is a really great option. The product is well made, easy to pack and worked great in our test. It also comes in yellow, blue, orange and red if you are not a fan of green. We would recommend this grill as a great option for camping and you can buy it for around 65 dollars here.

• Propane stove
• Two 12,000 B.T.U. 3.25 inch burners
• High Altitude pressure regulator
• Piezo igniter for matchless lighting
• Stainless steel drip pan
• Heavy duty pot or pan rack
• Compact 18″ length


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Stansport 203-100-10 Deluxe 2 Burner Stove Review, 7.8 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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