Hiking Point Dume in Malibu

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On the same trip where we hiked Solstice Canyon we decided to stop by Point Dume for a BBQ lunch on the beach. When Zac suggested we check out Point Dume we both assumed it would be just another beach, but what we found was a beautiful stretch of coastline that was capped off with a epic hill and rocks that you could rock climb on or simply walk to the top of and enjoy the view. It really is a perfect place to relax and spend a nice warm day.

Malibu Coastline

We looked for parking near the top of the hill, but ended up down in the beach access parking lot that runs at about 8 dollars for the day. This is a better place to park as it lets you spend time on the beautiful beach before heading up to the top of Point Dume whenever you feel the need. One of the highlights of the beach is the intimidating rock at the south end that is perfectly suited for some climbing, we didn’t do it but we were told it is a route that is good for beginners.

Around the corner from the rocks is access to a somewhat secluded beach that is pigeon toed by two huge rocks and would be not noticeable if you did not know where to look. I highly suggest setting up camp here as it is a beautiful area that is easily accessible, and I would love to come back and climb at another time.

After spending some time at the beach head up the Point Dume trail. This is a trail that is easily hikleable for every member of the family. I didn’t have my tracking on, but I would say it probably around a half mile and about 200-300 feet of elevations from the base to the top. You will want to take your time on this one though as it provides you with increasingly beautiful views at every turn.

Mike on the Point Dume hike

There is even a deck halfway with some park benches and I think you would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful area to watch the sunset in Southern California. The top provides you perfect 360 degree views of both stretches of the coast and each side really does look different. There is a plaque at the top as well that talks about point dume and the surrounding area.

Hiking to the top of Point Dume

This hike (more of a walk) is really a must do. Zac and I have hiked a lot of what Southern California has to offer and I think I would speak for both of us when I say this is one of the most beautiful areas around. If you are there on a sunny day, bring your suit and plan to spend some time soaking in the beauty. You can also string along a couple hikes to make a day out of the adventure if you feel so inclined. I would recommend Escondido Falls and Solstice Canyon but I’m sure there are some other gems here as well.

Check out the rest of the photos below and leave us a comment with your thoughts if you have been here.


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