CRKT Eat’N Tool Review

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I’m a sucker for gear. I am always buying new knives, water bottles, backpacks, you name it. So when I see a product that is cheap and has a ton of uses, I am instantly intrigued and will often buy it without hesitation. This is exactly what happened with the CRKT Eat’N Tool. I saw it, saw it was under 10 dollars and instantly purchased it, without even thinking that I probably have 3 other tools that do the same thing. That being said, the  CRKT Eat’N Tool is a great investment, one that I love having in my pack, read on for the full review.

CRKT eat n tool 7 CRKT EatN Tool Review


The CRKT Eat’N Tool has the following features:

• Spoon
• Fork
• Bottle Opener
• Screwdriver/Pry Tip
• Metric Wrenches
• Carabiner
• Steel: 3Cr13, 51-53 HRC
• Total Length: 4.0″ (102 mm)
• Tool Weight: 1.5 oz. (43 g)

CRKT eat n tool 6 CRKT EatN Tool Review

What I Liked

I loved the fact that this product has so many uses and is so light. The carabiner is a great addition to the product as you can simply snap it to your pack and forget about it. It is there when you need it but so light that you will not even realize you are carrying it. It feels very sturdy when both opening a bottle and using it as a screwdriver. The added hole for your finger when using it as a spoon is a great addition and makes it easy to use and control. Lastly, I  love the cost of right around 8 dollars for the tool.

CRKT eat n tool 8 CRKT EatN Tool Review

What I Didn’t Like

It is hard to look past the fact that the tool is small. If you are using it for soup or for eating food out of a bag there is a good chance that your fingers will be in the food as well. This is not a huge deal as you can easily bring more utensils if you need them and I would prefer a tool like this to be small, but I thought I would point it out.

CRKT eat n tool 5 CRKT EatN Tool Review

All in all this is a great tool and an easy recommendation. It has many uses while backpacking, hiking or even just sitting around the camp fire and for an under 10 dollar piece of gear you really can’t go wrong. Purchase the CRKT Eat’N Tool here and leave us a comment if you have used it.


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 CRKT EatN Tool Review

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CRKT Eat'N Tool Review, 9.3 out of 10 based on 2 ratings


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