The Best Running Gear for 2012

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Being that I had some knee / hip issues late last year I was prevented from doing a ton of running and races which was a huge bummer. Now that I am feeling a bit better I have been ramping up my mileage and looking to run a few races. I have also changed out most of my gear from last year and have been trying out some new shoes, socks, shorts and whatnot. I have been running with most of this gear for the last month and a half and I am really impressed with most of it thus far. The only thing I am still looking for is the perfect running shirt, if you have any recommendations, please respond in the comments!

New Balance 890’s My current main running / training shoe. Stepping up to the higher end New Balance trainer has really helped with the knee / hip issues I was having, and I am highly impressed with these shoes as they are comfortable and provide plenty of protection. It looks like they just came out with the second version of these shoes, I will be excited to give those a whirl once I wear these out.

New Balance MT20’s My current cross training / gym shoes. I usually like to wear something a little different to the gym, these are some great more minimal shoes, they have helped strengthen my feet and provide plenty of grip and stability while working out.

XCCU Experia CoolMax Socks My go to running socks especially for long runs. These socks are legit, they are light but provide excellent cushioning, the only downside is the price but I am highly impressed.

Adidas Recovery Compression OTC Socks Great compressions socks, especially when its a little cold but not cold enough for tights. I have been continually finding myself looking for reasons to wear these when heading out on a run, they are comfortable, provide support and compression and help keep my legs fresh,I am a huge fan.

Under Armour Men’s 5″ Running Shorts – My new favorite running shorts. I have tried multiple brands, styles and lengths of running shorts, these just feel right to me. The material, pocket placement and length all seem to be a perfect fit, especially as it starts to get warmer. *These are now discontinued which is a bummer, I wish I would have horded more of them…

New Balance Endurance Club Cap Awesome simple running hat, I don’t often run with headgear but if I wake up and head out the door on a run it can be nice to have a little something to put on.

Under Armour ColdGear Beanie Perfect light skullcap beanie for cooler runs, they have some differing variations of these which are lighter or heavier based upon the conditions which is nice.

C9 Running Gloves Perfect cheaper running gloves, again I don’t often run with gloves (not usually needed to SoCal) but when I do these are a great and help keep my hands and fingers warm.

As you can see I am a fan of most of this gear, mostly because through trial and error I have filtered out some of the less comfortable and / or older gear I was using. I definitely tried a few different types of socks, some different shorts and hats along the way and I am really happy with how this set of gear is performing.

Let me know what type of gear you use in the comments!

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My name is Zac and some of my interests include technology, the web, social media, religion, books, the outdoors and running. I am an avid hiker, runner, mountain biker, gear junkie and outdoor adventurer. I love Southern California, the beaches or the mountains, the summer or the winter. I work for the Gordian Project which runs eCommerce websites, and and I am part of the Adventure Team. I also collect knives and enjoy testing out new adventure gear of all sorts.

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