Gerber Octane Gear Review

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Like Josh I have never been a huge multi tool person but when I got the chance to try out the Gerber Octane it peaked my interest. The Octane has a minimal but technical design, it’s got Gerber’s one-hand opening design and is both light and sturdy. I found it to have just the right tools, the pliers work well, I specifically used the wire cutters several times while networking a fiends house, they worked great and I now that I have it broken in, I really like the one-handed opening design. Coming from a guy that loves knives that are easy to open with one hand (I prefer flippers and spring assistance) I have really started to enjoy using the Octane, it took a few days to break in but once that happened it quickly opens with a flick of the wrist which is great to quickly put the tool to work.

Like many of the other Gerber Multi Tools all of the accessories lock into place which is great and I have a new favorite tool, the retail package opener is awesome. I have started to really dislike clam shell packaging but this tool has just the accessory to open those darn things up. The caveat it that the one I got came in clam shell packaging haha, so I did have to get over that.

Another unique part of this multi tool is that the knife is not housed inside the grip of the multi tool, it’s located on the outside and has its own frame lock. There is one reason I don’t like this and two reasons I do. I don’t like it because it kind of throws off the symmetry of the tool, making it a little bulky on one side and a little heavier. The two reasons I do, are that the knife is available without opening the tool up, all of the other accessories need the pliers slide out and the grips to be open to be deployed, the other is that based upon the design is looks like this makes for a larger / longer knife, which lets face it is never a bad thing.

Overall I think this is a solid tool, in carrying and using it, it’s made me realize how useful a great multi-tool can be, this is a great product from Gerber Knives.

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Gerber 31-000441 Octane

One-hand opening
Compact, lightweight design
New retail package opener component
Pocket clip for easy carry
Available in Grey or Red
Overall Length: 5.5″
Closed Length: 4″ Weight: 5 oz
Opening Style: One-hand opening
Components: 9
Stainless Steel – Satin Finish


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Gerber Octane Gear Review, 7.5 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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