Gerber Crucial Multitool Gear Review

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Until recently I have never been much of a fan of the whole multi-tool craze. I was happy with my folding knife, and did not want to trade its strength for a tool that I felt had many uses but didn’t do any of them well. That was until Zac encouraged me to pick up the Gerber Crucial and give it a chance, and boy was my previous assumptions wrong. The Gerber Crucial has become my go to daily carry. I use it on hikes, I use it working around the house, and I even used it to fix quads the other weekend.gerber21 Gerber Crucial Multitool Gear Review

While other tools have the pliers at the top and do not let them hide in the tool, the Gerber Crucial solves that problem by its unique body which folds into itself for easy storage then unfolds to use the pliers and wire cutters. This tool also includes a carabineer for clipping to your belt loop or pack. I admit at first I didn’t think I would use this clip much, but having the clip makes it so convenient, and the clip also doubles as a bottle opener.

The other tools included in this are a knife with thumb stud for one hand opening, and a Phillips head and regular screw driver. All of the tools have locking mechanisms which allows you to use them without having to worry about it slipping and hurting you.  If you have avoided the multi tool phase, or want one that is effective but small enough to carry in your pocket, you couldn’t do much better than the Gerber 31-000016 Crucial. It comes in Black, Grey and Green (I chose green) and is available from for around $33 dollars. Look for more multi tool reviews in the future as I start testing a couple other models.

What do you think, have you used the Crucial? Do you like it as much as me?

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 Gerber Crucial Multitool Gear Review

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Gerber Crucial Multitool Gear Review, 8.3 out of 10 based on 1 rating


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